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Almost forgot I had a WordPress blog, haha…actually, I haven’t been doing much blogging neither in Korean or Japanese. Twittter got me, and of course I have my deviantart and pixiv pages to maintain as well…I’d add links if I knew how. Apparently the blogroll thing only shows up for me, and not the viewers?

Probably will be posting more often from now on, although not necessarily on politics. Might do some reviews on comics, animation, film, video games. Wish I had more time to do so-I only got to watch, like, two films in theatres last year. (13 Assassins and Tintin) Still have that ongoing love-hate relationship with Koei, which is now Koei-Tecmo. Which means I’m hugely looking forward to Romance of the Three Kingdoms 12 and Pocket Monster+Nobunaga’s Ambition. Damn you Koei, damn you!

What else, oh yeah, was-and actually still is-infatuated with Sword of the Stranger, the 2007 anime feature film from Bones. I love it so much I am unable to write a fair, objective review about it because I believe it’s the perfect anime film ever, at least for me. I love it as an excellent piece of work, and also as an object of guilty fanfictionous desire. I’ve even made three doujinshi comic books off it-two joke books and one R-rated yaoi piece. (basically has no plot except Rarou/Luolang totally having his way with Nanashi) And it was also my first yaoi work! (also, it’s in Korean and sold out) I did read some yaoi fiction before, but I’ve never been creating yaoi before, nor a sexually explicit work, so personally it was a real creative breakthrough.

Oh right, I was also briefly hired by AK Communications, a South Korean publisher, as editor and marketer. The publisher is primarily known for its Gundam-related publications, so I updated Gundam news everyday to the publisher’s online cafe, organized Gundam-related promotional events like a relay novel on the comments section, quizzes, prizes and stuff. Also recommended, edited and marketed the Korean edition of Ekiben Hitori Tabi, a manga about ekiben (train station-based bento lunches). Apprently it’s doing moderately well. And I was entrusted with creating a brand-new yaoi imprint for the company-I got to plan which books to import, the imprint name, editing, setting up a blog and marketing it, which was challenging but fun. So why did I quit? Well the pay was shitty(I was getting paid like an intern because I was new and inexperienced to the field, although the job I was given to do wasn’t intern-level stuff at all), but actually I got fired, haha. The president of the company acknowledged my skills, but he said I had “attitude problems” and “you have a demon in you.” (I regret to say I was too shocked at the moment to retort, “You mean like daemons? Animals?”) Maybe I do have a problem or he was part of it, considering most workers quit after 3-6 months and the most talented editor I met there was throughly being abused and bullied by the president. (fortunately, he moved onto a better job in a Tokyo-based agency) I admit I do lack social ass-licking skills and asshole tolerence, though. Since then, I was back…in grad school…doing odd T.A. jobs and making powerpoint presentations for my advisor…and still unable to finish that goddamn Master’s thesis either due to prolonged writer’s block or something-always-coming-up, sigh. Currently working on a project for the Bucheon Cartoon & Animation Center; but seeing little progress, with deadline coming up next Wednesday, sigh…and as a distraction I somehow remembered the workdpress blog, so here am I procrastinating.

So yeah, that’s pretty much what’s been going on now. Will be coming back next Thursday…if I finish this project in time. Wish me luck!